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Tips on how to crack Competitive Law Entrance Examination

Tips on how to crack Competitive Law Entrance Examination

As most of the Competitive Law Entrance Examinations are divided into 5 subjects. They are:

  1. English Language

  2. Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

  3. Logical Reasoning

  4. Legal Reasoning

  5. Quantitative Techniques

We have tried to divide our tips on how to crack Competitive Law Entrance Exam as per the above mentioned Subjects.

  1. English Language

It is mainly divided into two parts. They are: –

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Reading Comprehensions

Our Tips & Suggestions for the same are as follows: –

  1. For Vocabulary, we suggest you the below mentioned books: –

  2. Word Power Made Easy by Normal Lewis.[1]

  3. For Reading Comprehension,

  4. We would suggest you to solve the past years CLAT question papers which are easily available on the internet and you can also refer to the Sample Question Papers which are available on CLAT’s website.

  5. We would like to suggest you that you should read a lot and use techniques like skimming and scanning.

  6. You should time your speed when trying to do the passages because passages are very big and they can easily take up a lot of time during examination so try to solve passage within 1 min.

  7. Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

This part of the examination is also divided into two parts.

  1. Static General Knowledge

  2. Current Affairs

Our Tips & Suggestions for the same are as follows: –

  1. Static General Knowledge

  2. For this you will have to basically refer to guides and past year paper and try to shortlist the repeated questions. Though the same may not be asked every year but these questions have a higher chance of coming in your paper.

  3. For static General Knowledge please refer to the following books: –

  4. General Knowledge by Dr Binay Karna.[2]

  5. General Knowledge, 2022[3]

  6. Current Affairs

  7. For current affairs mostly if you have your examination in May 2022 than current affairs which are asked start from May 2021 till May 2022.

  8. For current affairs we would highly recommend you to go through the below mentioned Websites.

  9. GKToday[4]

  10. STUDYIQ[5]

  11. We would also suggest reading good newspapers like The Hindu or the Indian express- it will not only help you with your current affairs but also help you in enhance your reading speed and improve your speech.

  12. Logical Reasoning

  13. For logical reasoning try to learn and solve as many problems of blood relations, numbers, seating arrangements, assertions, reasoning, etc.

  14. You can refer to the below mentioned book for the same.

  15. How to Crack Test of Reasoning in All Competitive Examination Verbal, Analytical & Non-Verbal Reasoning by Arihant Publication[6]

  16. Legal Reasoning

  17. In this section, you will be expected to read passages, this passage may relate to fact situations or scenarios involving legal matters, public policy questions or moral philosophical enquiries. You will not require any prior knowledge of law. You will benefit from a general awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues to better apply general principles or propositions to the given fact scenarios. Each passage would be followed by a series of questions that will require you to:

  18. Identify and infer the rules and principles set out in the passage;

  19. Apply such rules and principles to various fact situations; and

  20. Understand how changes to the rules or principles may alter their application to various fact situations.

  21. For legal reasoning you should be very well versed with the Legal Maxims. You can find a list of Legal Maxims published on our website.[7]

  22. If you are doing any coaching than please refer to the refer to materials/guides which are given to you by your coaching institution. (And also, this is the main topic for CLAT so try to solve as many Questions as you can).

  23. If not than you can refer to the below mentioned books.

  24. Guide To CLAT & LL. B. Entrance Examination 2022 [8]

  25. CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2021 – Guide[9]

  26. Guide to CLAT & LL.B. Entrance Examination 2022[10]

  27. Quantitative Techniques

  28. For quantitative techniques solve the problem sums which are related to clocks, calendar, arithmetic, etc. and try to have your concepts clear of Math’s which is taught to you till 10th

Apart from the above-mentioned books you can also refer to this book: –

  1. Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning 2022 – By Pearson[11]

  2. Complete CLAT Companion – By Pearson[12]


  1. The information which we are sharing is just a suggestion based upon the knowledge and expertise which is available with Team The Legal Vidya and the same shall not be taken as the sole base for preparing for CLAT or any other Law Entrance Examination.

  2. Where we have mentioned the books which are common for all the Competitive Exams for that please verify that the particular question which you are attempting is of CLAT only because the difficulty levels of questions asked in CAT may vary from CLAT.

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