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Withdrawal Policy

The withdrawal policy of The Legal Vidya stipulates the time period/circumstances under which the author(s) will be allowed to withdraw the work submitted by them before its publication in the journal.

Precautionary Measures To Be Adhered To By The Author(s).

  • The manuscript submitted must be free from any copyright infringement.

  • The manuscript has not been published or submitted for publication on any other platform whether offline or online.

  • In case the author(s) receive the manuscript for inculcating the changes suggested by the editorial board, they must adhere to the time period provided for making such changes.


Time-Period Permitted For Withdrawal

  • Pre-publication withdrawal – The author(s) will be provided a stipulated period of 5 working days in case they want to withdraw their submissions. After the expiry of the said time period, the author(s) will in no case be allowed to withdraw the submissions except under the following condition:

    • The work submitted by the author(s) has not been accepted by the editorial board;

  • Post-publication withdrawal – Will only be permitted under exceptional and compelling circumstances. This can only be done in case of a legal dispute or copyright infringement pertaining to the manuscript in question. Note: The withdrawal request can be made by contacting us and giving a brief reason as to why is this withdrawal request is being made.



  • As a rule of general conduct, the journal will follow a rapid publication strategy. However, depending on the availability of the editorial board, scrutinizing the manuscript may take a comparatively longer time. In case the author(s) have heard nothing regarding their manuscript beyond a period of two months, they will have the right to withdraw their manuscripts.


Rights of TLV In Case Of Breach Of This Policy

In case of breach of the aforementioned withdrawal policy THE LEGAL VIDYA will have the following rights:

  • The author(s) can be blacklisted for further publication in The Legal Vidya for a period of 1 Year.

  • Withdrawal of the manuscript beside the given condition will be subject to the discretion of the publisher. In such situations, the publisher will have the full right to publish the manuscript without permission from the author(s).

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