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Suicides In India

Author: Tarun Student, CVSR College of Engineering


Suicide is a form of death in which a person decides to commit their own lives at their own terms. There are a lot of factors which leads to a person to commit suicide. In our country suicides are a very common thing nowadays as many people are in a misconception, that committing suicide is a solution to their problem in the universe. Earlier in the Year 1967 – 2010, the suicide rate was less than 10%. But in the 21st century, the rate has gone up to 11% approximate. India presently is in the top 25 Countries in the suicide rate in the world. Earlier people were more patient and had time to spend with others as compared to today’s generation. This can also be considered to be one of the main factors for the increasing rate of suicides in India. India has a population of approximately 132 Crore people where approximately 120 people commit suicide per day. When we see the number of people who commit suicide we can see that males who commit suicide are more in number as compared to females. As per the data available we can see that there are two age groups where the rate of suicide is too high and those age groups are 15 years to 29 years age group and 30 years to 44 years age group. When we see the age group which have higher rate of suicide we can see that the age group of 15 years to 29 years group is the group which consists of students and the age group of 30 years to 44 years is the age group which consists of the people who are in service and/or professionals, etc. These are the two age groups which have a greater rate of suicide.


There are mainly four reasons why someone commits suicide. They are:

  1. Suicide Committed by Students because of stress, expectations, bullying, etc.

  2. Suicide Committed by Farmers because of financial problems, drought, flood damaging crops, etc.

  3. Suicide Committed by someone because of Family Pressure

  4. Suicide Committed by someone because of Depression


A student committing suicide is the last thing anyone want to hear or experience in their lives. Students are the ones who make or break any family and nation by their actions. Students commit suicide because of various reasons and some of the reasons why students commit suicide are stress, expectations, judgmental mentality, bullying, harassment, fear and lack of exposure to various things. I would like to explain the same with the help of below mentioned example.

Example: A student named Austin who was good at sports and average in studies. His parents have had a huge expectation for him but he failed to stand on to those expectations because he failed in his board exams. For the said reason he had a lot of stress and was feared of talking to his parents as to what will the society thinks when everyone will know my result and everyone will start calling him a looser. Just because of this reason he chose to commit suicide and end his life. In our country there is a student who commits suicide every hour and can be considered to be as a disgrace to our nation.


Farmers are the reason for the survival and existence of human kind on this planet. But whenever a farmer commits suicide no one even bothers to care about the same. Farmers commit suicide because of various reasons like financial problems, droughts and floods damaging crops, land problems, etc. One of the main factors for the suicide committed by a farmer is the price per crop. The government needs to support farmers to decrease the suicide rate because if this continues for more years then there will be a time where we will need to strive hard for food. Lack of development in villages also leads to cause trouble for the farmer.

I would like to explain the same with the help of below mentioned example.

Example: There was a farmer who cultivated crops by taking debts from others to pay rent for the land, to purchase seeds, pesticides, etc. And in that year, there was not enough rain which led to the production of low quantity of crops. Because of the financial condition of the farmer he had to use the traditional method of farming as compared to the scientific way i.e. by using irrigation facilities, etc. As there was no proper rain the crops produced were of low quality and the farmer ended by selling those crops at a lower price and he was not able to repay the debt and because of this the farmer ended his life by committing suicide because he neither had the money to return nor did he have help from someone to support him.

There is a rise in the number of suicides which are committed by the farmers.


Whenever someone commits suicide because of family pressure we can say that person might have been harassed mentally and physically. That person might have also been abused by the people within the family or by closed ones. Dowry also leads to a person committing suicide. Relationship issues with family members like with in-laws, wife, husband etc. Financial issues personal issues can also result in suicides caused by any of the member of family. Suicide committed by any of the family member can also affect the upbringing of the children around them.


A lot of people have chosen to end their lives when are suffering from depression. A person can go into depression because of various reasons be it social media trolls, bullying, financial problems, family problems, etc. This prevents the person from sharing things with anyone the person starts to isolate himself/herself from others. Jealousy, a negative attitude also makes a person feel that he/she is a failure despite the efforts made by him to achieve the position he/she is at today. This all thoughts play a important role which instigates a person to commit suicide. Blackmailing someone is considered to be one of the main reasons why someone would end up life. Worrying too much about somethings or even taking a lot of stress can affect the mental health of a person which can lead to suicide.


  1. Cuts on sensitive places in the body.

  2. Dangling on the fan, ceiling, tree, etc.

  3. Burning the body with fire by using kerosene or petrol.

  4. Consuming sleeping pills or drugs in excessive dose.

  5. Jumping from the building.

  6. Not consuming any type of food for a longer period of time.

  7. Consuming poison or pesticides, medicine, etc.


Choosing to commit suicide cannot be considered to be a sign of a true warrior. If someone dies it affects the whole family and the friends which that person has. In our country people should stop criticizing others, stop degrading others and stop discriminating others. People across the country should be vocal on topics in regards to the issues like mental health, depression, racism and so on which

can stop someone from committing suicide. People and government should give support to students, farmers and also support the ones by being open about topics in regards to mental illness to stop suicides. Emotional support from parents, friends and closed ones at the right time can also save a person’s life. The most important thing to reduce the number of suicides is to change the mindset of people. The government should organize campaigns on depression, mental health to encourage someone and to support someone to share and freely discuss his/her problems or to share whatever is troubling that person. This type of initiatives and support by government can help a lot of people in getting rid about the suicidal thoughts. A person should never commit suicide because life is precious and committing suicide any reason is not the solution for that problem because once you are gone everything is gone. Be brave and add meaning to your colorful life.

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